11th International Symposium on
Ambient Intelligence and Embedded Systems

20th – 22nd September 2012
Espoo, Finland


Welcome to AmiEs-2012

The goal of this international symposium is to share knowledge and experiences in the areas of Ambient Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Internet Programming and Information Technology. It is aimed at researchers and developers from academia and industry as well as experienced students working in those areas of specialization.

This year the event will be organized in collaboration with Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Espoo, Finland. The workshop series was jointly initiated in 2002 by Vaasa UAS and Kiel UAS. Since then it has been very successfully organized in Vaasa, Kiel, Aveiro, Geel, Heraklion, Madeira, and Chania.

Premilinary Programme

The premilinary programme has been published. The presentations are held on Thursday and Friday 20 – 21 September and they are given in the form of lectures, tutorials, practical demonstrations or combinations of these forms.

The reception of the participants will start on Thusday 20 Sep at 9:00.

Official language

The official language of the symposium will be English.

Poster AmiEs-2013


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