Venue and Location Universidade de Aveiro - DET


Symposium Venue

The symposium will take place in Aveiro, Portugal.
It will be held at the
University of Aveiro

All activities (registration, technical sessions, etc.) will take place in the Telecommunications Institute Auditorium.

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Map Aveiro University



Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro


Direction to the Symposium Location:

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Aveiro is located at about 250 km to the North of Lisbon and 70 km to the South of Oporto. The city is near the Atlantic coastline (6 km of distance). The main characteristic of the surrounding area is an extensive coastal lagoon (“Ria de Aveiro”).
The city of Aveiro is crossed by channels, which give it an individual character. In the old quarter of the city, tourists can see the quaint whitewashed houses of the fishermen and visit, early in the morning, the Mercado do Peixe (Fish Market), where occurs an auction of the fish caught during the night. Of all the boats seen in the area, the “Moliceiro” is the most elegant traditional boat, being perfectly lined, painted with bright colours and with often creative and humorous decorations.
There are essentially three ways to discover Aveiro: boat, bicycle and walking. On-board of a “Moliceiro” boat along the Ria is a romantic option to know the “City of the water”. Otherwise, there are several bikes known as “BUGA” parked around the city. They are free, working like a shopping cart at the local supermarkets – the 1 Euro coin inserted to unlock the bike is returned when the bike is parked again at any of the several BUGA stops around the city.
The city is also great for walking because it has no hills and its places of interest are easily accessible. So, you can walk through the streets and enjoy the Art Nouveau or the Contemporary Architecture. Those who appreciate this architectural style should not miss the University buildings.

University of Aveiro

Appreciators of good food can taste, besides the delicious eel stew and a variety of fish soups, the famous Portugal’s famous dried cod (bacalhau). In fact, Bacalhau is closely related to the history and daily lives of this region as you can easily find out visiting the nearby Portuguese Codsfish Capital: Ílhavo.
Moreover, Aveiro is specially known for its sweets: the most famous is “ovos moles”, sweetened egg yolk in candied casings shaped like fish or barrels.

The Oficina do Doce


Porto Airport → Aveiro

For those arriving at Porto Airport, the trip between the airport and the Porto-Campanhã railway station, which has direct rail connections to Aveiro, can be done by taxi for around 20EUR and takes around 30 minutes. A less expensive way to reach the Porto-Campanhã railway station is to use the Metro, which has a terminal at the airport. The trips between the airport and the railway station take about 32 minutes and the ticket costs 1,85EUR (Z4 ticket). The train journey to Aveiro takes between 40 and 75 minutes, depending on the type of train used. There are regular trains to Aveiro from Porto.

Lisbon Airport → Aveiro

For those arriving at Lisbon Airport, the simplest way to get to Aveiro is by train from Lisboa-Oriente railway station. To get to the train station, you can use a taxi, which takes about 10 minutes and costs around 10EUR, but there are less expensive ways to get there, by bus, for example (lines 5 and 44).
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By road

Aveiro is located 40 minutes away from Oporto, 2 hours from Lisbon (motorway A1) and only 2 hours from Spain (motorway A25). Distances: Coimbra 60 Km, Oporto 70 Km, Vilar Formoso (spanish border) 190 Km, and Lisbon 250 Km.
Electronic tolls - There are some highways in Portugal on which the tolls are electronic only. It means that there are no cabins and the passing of vehicles is detected by devices placed at the beginning of those highways. The highways are identified at the beginning with: “Electronic toll only”. For more informations regarding this system please consult:

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By train

Oporto-Aveiro-Lisbon train is a good choice for those who want to reach Aveiro. Some trains take only 2 and a half hours to reach Lisbon. For more information contact the portuguese railways service (CP): Tel.:808 208 208 or see its site at