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  • Muhammad Awais Akhtar, Mubashar Khokhar, Robert Manzke

    Gizmo Point of Sale - Using BLE and Raspberry Pi
    ==> Paper ==> Presentation
  • Pedro Almeida

    Fraunhofer Portugal - A brief presentation
    ==> Presentation ==> Link to Fraunhofer Portugal
  • Th. Brandt, R. Patz

    SOC-based Phase Sensitive Detector for Magnetic Induction Tomography
    ==> Presentation
  • Joel Dinis, Ricardo Matias, José Fonseca

    Energy harvesting for a bike-sharing system
    ==> Presentation
  • Ulrich Jetzek

    Stream Ciphers and Spies: On the Design and Cryptanalysis of the A5/1-Stream Cipher
    ==> Presentation
  • Nils T. Kannengiesser, Uwe Baumgarten, Sejun Song

    Secure Copy Protection for Mobile Apps
    ==> Paper
    ==> Presentation
  • Sikandar Khan, Daniel Dinis, Rinato Lopes, Paulo Pedreiras, Joaquim Ferreira

    A Matlab-based scheduling simulator for deterministic real-time communications in ITS
    ==> Paper

  • Keijo Länsikunnas, Anssi Ikonen

    Simplifying Paths to Mastering Embedded Systems
    ==> Paper

  • Robert Manzke

    HTTP Servers – State-of-the-art and requirements for embedded hardware
    ==> Presentation
  • Smail Menani

    Automatic Meter Reading in Domestic Environment Using PLC
    ==> Presentation
  • Ghodrat Moghadampour

    Windows Phone Programming
    ==> Presentation
  • Heikki Palomäki, Tapio Hellman

    Virtual world in real environment
    ==> Paper
  • Pedro Roseiro

    Introduction of TICE Association (Pólo das Tecnologias de Informação, Comunicação e Electrónica)
    ==> Presentation ==> Link to
  • Sejun Song

    WiFi-honk: smartphone-based beacon stuffed WiFi Car2X-communication system for vulnerable road user safety
    ==> Video
  • António Teixeira

    Inova-Ria - Innovation Network of Aveiro
    ==> Presentation ==> Link to the Inova-Ria Institutional video
  • Sam Thys, Luc Friant, Peter Mertens, Patrick Dielens, Nele Mentens, Gert Mertes

    A remote programmable FPGA LED cube by use of the European Digital Virtual Design Lab.
    ==> Paper (in Dutch) ==> Presentation
  • Stef Vancampenhout, Luc Friant, Walter Lenting

    Sediment level probe
    ==> Paper (in Dutch)
  • Margarida Urbano, Pedro Gordo, Rui Costa, Paulo Simões, José Fonseca

    Evaluating the use of GSR sensors for tetraplegic patients
    ==> Presentation
  • Juho Vesanen

    Wireless, hermitically sealed actuator and sensor platform with re-configurable hardware
    ==> Paper