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3rd International Workshop on
Embedded Systems, Internet Programming and Industrial IT

16-17 October, 2004
Aveiro, Portugal

University Aveiro


The following workshop proceedings/reports are currently available:

Author/Size Title
Gao Chao
950,155 bytes
Introduction to Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) and Its Challenges: A Tutorial
Juan De Miguel, Kimmo Salmenjoki
3,508,598 bytes
Sharing and storing images in web using mobile devices
Ghodrat Moghadampour
618,824 bytes
Genetic Algorithms And Their Control Parameters: A Tutorial
George Palamas, George Papadourakis and Manolis Kavoussano
1,126,368 bytes
Mobile Robot Position Estimation using unsupervised Neural Networks
Riku Jäntti
601,738 bytes
Maximum Lifetime Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc networks I - Theory
Riku Jäntti, Usman Rafique
138,411 bytes
Maximum Lifetime Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc networks II - Practice
Kimmo Salmenjoki
13,405,941 bytes
Introduction to web service usage in software engineering and enterprises: A Tutorial
Kimmo Salmenjoki
6,496,870 bytes
Semantic Web: A Tutorial

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