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  • G. Adamidis, T. N. Kapetanakis, and I. O. Vardiambasis

    Digital Real-time Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer Development for Audio Devices.
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  • G. Adamidis, T. N. Kapetanakis, and I. O. Vardiambasis

    Versatile Experimental Equipment for Investigation of Auditory Brainstem Response Changes in Rabbits Due to GSM-900 Mobile Phone Radiation Exposure.
  • G. Adamidis, T. N. Kapetanakis, and I. O. Vardiambasis

    Development of a 28-bit 1.5GHz Frequency Counter.
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  • Ioannis Chatzakis

    MCU based Control Unit for Battery Management Systems.
  • Pedro Marques, José Fonseca

    Using wireless communications in municipal irrigation systems.
  • K. Fysarakis, Charalampos Manifavas, Konstantinos Rantos

    Embedded Systems Security.
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  • Luc Friant

    C# and .NET Micro Framework for embedded systems.
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  • Ulrich Jetzek, David Kledtke

    Elgamal Encryption and its application to Ellicptic Curve Cryptography.
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  • Jun Zhang, Chong Cao, Hannes Reimers, Huang Zhemin, Stefan Koß, Helmut Dispert

    Localization of WSN Nodes using Ultrasound Transducers.
  • G. Liodakis, A. Maras

    Spatial Context Issues based on Stochastic Geometry Modeling for Ambient Wireless Networks.
  • Nikos Manias, George Palamas, George Papadourakis, Manolis Kavoussanos

    Free area mapping with the use of automobile robots.
  • Felipe Antonio Moura Miranda, Carlos Alberto dos Reis Filho

    Lifetime Maximization With Multiple Battery Levels in Irregularly Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks.
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  • Ghodrat Moghadampour

    Introduction to QT Programming.
  • Heikki Palomäki

    GENSEN Project: New Platforms and Applications in Wireless Automation.
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  • Giorgos Papadourakis, Michael Sfakiotakis, Hassan Kaghazchi

    Cooperative Network Training (CoNeT) Project.
  • Giorgos Papadourakis, Tsampikos Kounalakis, Deligiannis Ioannis, Nikos Manias, Georgios Triantafyllidis, Julie Vandenabeele, Ilkka Uusitalo

    A Guardian Angel For The Extended Home Environment (GUARANTEE) project.
  • George M. Papadourakis, Tsampikos Kounalakis, Deligiannis Ioannis, Nikos Manias, Georgios Triantafyllidis

    Decision Engine Design for GUARANTEE project.
  • Taxiarchis Papakostas, Demetrios A. Pliakis, Constantine Petrides, Spiros Thanasoulas

    Harmonic Contour Segmentation.
  • C. Petridis, K. Tsitou, E. Mavrogiorgou, I. Kaliakatsos and M. Tatarakis

    How to organize an Erasmus Intensive Program: A study case in the Department of Electronics of TEI of Crete.
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  • Anssi Ikonen

    A follow-up on Challenge Based Learning project in Embedded Engineering Education.
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  • Jasper Renders, Kevin Verwaest, Luc Friant, Marco Camilli, Richard Kleihorst

    A smart camera based on an optical mouse sensor.
  • J. Reynders, M. Spelier, N. Maes, G. Van Ham, B. Vande Meerssche, G. Deconinck

    Practical use of Energy Management Systems.
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  • S. Ursella, G. Schoeneberg, A. Heinzelmann

    Hardware for Electro Cardiac and Respiratory Plethysmography Measurement in a Multi Vital Signs Monitoring System.
  • Smail Menani

    Developing New Solutions for Smart Grid.
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  • Helmut Dispert, Joseph A. Morgan, Mark McMahon, Christine Boudin

    ACE and ISPS – An Innovative Approach to Promoting International Student Exchange Programs.
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