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  • Spyridon Blionas, Giorgos Papadourakis

    Implementation performance of an Embedded Architecture for Lab-on-Chip Instrumentation Control and Data Analysis --> Presentation
  • Christine Boudin, Helmut Dispert

    Erasmus+: New challenges and opportunities for co-operations --> Presentation
  • Ioannis Deligiannis, Giorgos M. Papadourakis

    IIM3 - Hybrid embedded operating system for ARM Cortex M3 / M4--> Presentation
  • L. Doitsidis, N.Petrakis, G. Kornaros, G. Glentis, I.A. Kaliakatsos

    A training course on design and programming embedded systems for professionals working on Telecommunications and Mechatronics --> Paper
  • Carlos A. dos Reis Filho, José Francisco Resende, Hamilton M. Ferreira, Felipe M. Miranda, Marcelo M. Ganzarolli, Carlos A. Carrasco Altemani

    Wireless Sensor Network Dedicated to Monitoring Noninvasively Power Distribution Transformers --> Paper
  • José A. Fonseca, Daniel Silva, Andreia Abreu, Rui Rebelo

    Using Wireless Communications to support Street Parking Management --> Presentation
  • Luc Friant

    Thomas More & Embedded Systems --> Presentation
  • Heinrich P. Godbersen

    Adding new Sensors and Actors to Real-Time Multimedia Authoring Systems --> Presentation
  • Matthias Gohlke

    Bluetooth Low Energy for Home Automation:
    Tackling the limitations of Bluetooth Low Energy in complex wireless networks --> Presentation
  • Matthias Gohlke

    WebSockets for realtime Hardware-Browser interaction --> Presentation
  • Detlef Heinemann, Hans Harte

    Development of a Battery Management System for Ebikes and Light Electric Vehicles --> Presentation
  • Ghodrat Moghadampour

    Statistical Mutation Operator for Genetic Algorithms --> Presentation
  • Eric Gabriel, Henner Nielsen, Michael Ram, Helmut Dispert

    moZo – A Concept for Gastronomic Service Improvement and Optimization --> Paper
  • Ulrich Jetzek

    An introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography: Motivation for ECC and Security Aspects of ECC --> Presentation
  • Nils T. Kannengiesser, Uwe Baumgarten, Sejun Song

    Secure Copy Protection for Mobile Apps --> Presentation --> Paper
  • Nathalie Maes, Johan Van Bauwel, Wim Dams, Sofie Beerens, Philip Van Pelt

    Embedded Measurement And Control “Generic data logger” --> Presentation --> Paper
  • Robert Manzke

    Multimedia production with embedded systems using openFrameworks --> Presentation
  • Smail Menani

    ICT in Energy Technology and its role in building the Smart Grid --> Presentation
  • Tobias Rose, Imke Traulsen, Urban Hellmuth, Heiko Georg, Joachim Krieter

    Accuracy enhancement of the real time location System Ubisense Series 7000 --> Presentation
  • Erik Szczepanski, Ulrich Jetzek

    A new and universal Powerline Communication Approach for Industrial Applications based on an FPGA-Solution --> Presentation
  • Simon Wiesmann, Abror Islomov, Mateo Guzmán-Urbano, Daniel Datow, Helmut Dispert

    Indoor Air Quality Monitoring with WSN-based CO2 Sensors --> Presentation
  • Simon Wiesmann, Robert Manzke

    Webserver-controlled home automation with the Raspberry Pi --> Presentation
  • Helmut Dispert, Christine Boudin

    ISPS - International Study and Project Semester --> Presentation