IT Workshop

2nd International Workshop on
Embedded Systems, Internet Programming and Industrial IT

20-22 August, 2003
Kiel, Germany



The following workshop proceedings/reports are currently available:

Author/Size Title
Luís Almeida, Pedro Fonseca,
José Luís Azevedo, Paulo Pedreiras

1,102,085 bytes
The Micro-Rato Contest: A popular approach to improve self-study in electronics and computer science
Christoph Blaue
873,082 bytes
Fast Application Development based on MDA
Gao Chao
143,510 bytes
Energy Sensitive Routing in Ad hoc Networks
Gao Chao
503,509 bytes
A Web-based Retake System with SQL and ASP Technology
Manuel dos Santos, Ricardo Loureiro,
Helmut Dispert

1,056,847 bytes
Programming CAN-based Fieldbus Systems using Java
Uwe Drücker
4,428,804 bytes
Application of SCADA to control and supervision of simple technical processes
Klaus Felten
86,540 bytes
An Algorithm for Symmetric Cryptography with a wide range of scalability
José Alberto G. Fonseca, Paulo Pedreiras
4,850,240 bytes
Fieldbuses in real-time distributed embedded systems
Jörg Gonnermann, Jörn Kowalewski
[an error occurred while processing this directive] bytes
JAVA SWING based Grafical User Interface Development on Embedded Touchscreen Systems
Hauke Goos-Habermann The Software Distribution System m23
Olli Kanniainen, Jukka Matila, Smail Menani
653,188 bytes
Emotional Walking Pattern Generation for a Biped Humanoid Robot Realizing Human-Like Motion
Yang Liu, Jie Chen
992,195 bytes
A Wireless Videoconferencing Approach towards 3G Mobile Services
Smail Menani, Juha Nieminen
621,850 bytes
GLOBEIT: Globalisation of Learning using Open Based Education and Information Technology
Smail Menani, Juan de Miguel Hernández, Jahangir H. Sarker, Markku Karhu and Abdullah Embong
445,311 bytes
Software Tools and Resources for Network-based Courses
Ghodrat Moghadampour
226,433 bytes
JavaBeans and InfoBus: a tutorial
George M. Papadourakis and Giannis Tsagatakis
Part 1 (Neural Networks)
6,645,637 bytes
Part 2 (Neural Networks and Robotics)
1,580,029 bytes
Applications of neural Network to Robotics.
Pirjo Prosi, Kimmo Salmenjoki
1,652,177 bytes
Comparing server based web development with Java J2EE and Microsoft's .NET web service technologies
Stefan Rieber
3,232,413 bytes
Industrial Engineering within ORGA's smart card production
Kimmo Salmenjoki
8,059,374 bytes
Using XML and web services in web based application development
Jahangir H. Sarker
43,126 bytes
A Stabilized Random Access Protocol for GPRS and UMTS
Reiner Saykowski
1,092,894 bytes
An Integrated Operations Control System for Rail and Metro Operations (SBS)
Raimund Stampa, Bernd Westhoff
4,145,925 bytes
The new microcontroller giant Renesas and the challenges for embedded internet
Gerd Stange
275,951 bytes
How to utilize the J2EE Framework by Engineering Consultants
Jukka Toukonen
Industrial IT for discrete manufacturing – means from sub-optimized islands towards global process management

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